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Juvenile Delinquency Essays -- Youth Crime essays research papers

Adolescent Delinquency There is no uncertainty that different specialists can give us numerous speculations with respect to the reasons for adolescent misconduct, including one's monetary foundation, substance misuse, reprobate friend gatherings, rehashed presentation to brutality, expanded accessibility of guns and media viciousness. Be that as it may, I feel that the main source of adolescent wrongdoing is the breakdown of families, including absence of parental power over youngsters. It is unexpected in America, today, one must have a driver's permit to work a vehicle, a grant to claim a weapon and even a permit to possess a canine, yet one doesn't must have preparing or a permit so as to turn into a parent. Without particular instructive projects in youngster advancement and child rearing, a significant number of our future guardians won't get an opportunity at turning out to be effective guardians and more terrible, yet, numerous guardians today are as of now adding to the ever-expanding issue of adol escent misconduct basically by not realizing that how will generally be guardians. Being a parent is a long lasting duty and unexperienced parents must pick up child rearing abilities quickly; they don't have the advantage of temporary positions and intermittently, botches in child rearing will effectsly affect the youngster. There are numerous purposes behind the far reaching emergency in families today. The following are a portion of those causes: Changes in the Social Environment - there have been numerous adjustments in our social condition in the course of the last a quarter century. These progressions have made a hazardous domain for the present youth. Kids and adolescents invest more energy with peer bunches than any other time in recent memory. Medications and destructive weapons are utilized progressively as approaches to take care of issues. Illegal and unequivocal sexuality and savagery are the principle subjects of decision in the media; and the effect of media impact has extended and turn out to be increasingly clear with the presentation of PCs, computer games, versatile sound systems and MTV. Changes in Family Structure and Functioning - The commonness of separation and the expanding number of ladies in the work environment have diminished the quantity of grown-ups who give collaboration, structure and management in a youngster's life. Alongside this, establishments have not saved pace in giving elective projects to solo children. Add to this new child rearing desires that accompany single parent and step-parent families and you presently have a befuddling, frequently conflicting or potentially inconsistent command post for youngsters. Disarray... ... Reference Page 1. Kortege, Carglyn. Parenthood Training Promoted. The Register Guard. Des Moines, IA www.os/ 2. Kid Abuse Prevention Network, Moral Development and Boys, James Garbarino, PH.D 3. Conseur, Amy, Rivera, Frederick P., Baronski, Robert and Irvin, Emanuel, Maternal and Perinatal Risk Factors for Later Delinquency. Pediatrics, June, 1997, v. 99, p 785 (6) 4. Berg, Stacie Zoe, High Praise For Strict Parenting, Insight on the News, Sept. 1, 1997, v 13, n 32, p. 43 (1) 5. Encarta Online Deluxe, Juvenile Crime 6. Choices For Parents Who Have Lost Control 7. Boostrom, Ron, Suffering Issues in Criminology - Opposing Viewpoints, Greenhaven Press, Inc., P.O. Box 289009, San Diego, CA 92198-9009, p. 121-125, 173-174, 180 8. MacKenzie, D.L. 1997, Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention. In Preventing Crime: What Works, What Doesn't, What Looks Promising (A Report to the United States Congress), eds. L.W. Sherman, D. Gottfredson, D.MacKenzie, J. Eck, P. Reuter and S. Bushway, Washington, D.C. - National Institute of Justice

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Global Warming Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

An unnatural weather change - Research Paper Example Green house gases trap heat in the climate and this causes an expansion in temperature on the earth surface, these gases incorporate carbon dioxide, an increment in carbon dioxide noticeable all around has fundamentally be contributed by human exercises, expresses this incorporate carbon discharges via vehicles and force plants, power plants that use coal to create power have to a great extent added to an increment in carbon dioxide in the environment (Houghton 14). The utilization of inside ignition motors to run vehicles has additionally added to the expansion in the increment in carbon dioxide, over 30% of carbon dioxide emanation in the US is from vehicles. More terrible impacts are brought about by traffic blockage that outcomes into superfluous burning of fuel (EPA 5). Nitrous oxide is green house gas that is created via vehicles and nitric corrosive items delivered, this item is likewise a significant patron of a dangerous atmospheric devation. He likewise expresses that water fume is viewed as a green house gas, the expansion in water fume in the environment is generally added to the nearness of carbon dioxide in the air, as temperatures increment more water is disintegrated and this outcomes into an expansion in heat caught in the earth’s climate (Philander 15). Deforestation is likewise considered to have added to an unnatural weather change, human monetary exercises, for example, timber creation and agribusiness add to the decrease of backwoods spread on the earth surface, when this happens the measure of carbon dioxide in the air decreases in two different ways, one of the manners by which deforestation add to an expansion in carbon dioxide is that the disintegrating carbon material increment the measure of carbon dioxide in the climate and second trees use carbon dioxide to make their food alluded to as photosynthesis which diminish carbon levels in the air and a decrease in the

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How to Write a College Essay on Your Own Merits

How to Write a College Essay on Your Own MeritsHow to write a college essay on your own merits has always been a challenge. Despite the countless hundreds of essay topics you could try, you have yet to come up with a clear cut guide on how to create a great essay.The first problem you will face is trying to put yourself in the perspective of others when writing your own essay. Since there are so many people looking to write a college essay about themselves, you might feel like you're a very special and unique person.Sure, you know all of these people, but you know them as friends and family. You might feel like you're being judged by the entire world based on your experiences with these people. If you find this problem too much, then perhaps you should try finding a different essay topic altogether.So how do you tackle this issue when you're on how to write a college essay on your own merits? The best approach is to use the simplest approach possible. This means focusing on what you believe about yourself and what you have accomplished.It's true that no one can know what you know better than you do. You've done your own homework, and you know what you've accomplished. The best approach here is to start from there and use it to form the backbone of your essay.You're going to have to be careful though about picking a topic that is too generalization. Unless you're going to tell everyone that you were just a cheerleader at your school. Chances are if your essay topic is on yourself, people already know about your life. This might make your own life seem like less of an accomplishment.You might want to get a little more creative with how you present your personal experience to the reader. While the general idea is to talk about yourself, why not talk about other people as well? Your background and education level are much more interesting to people who know you better than if you simply gave a summary of your life.In conclusion, how to write a college essay on your own merits can be a bit of a challenge. You need to avoid drawing attention to your own life too much, and talk about the accomplishments of others. It may seem to be a bit more of a challenge than you had initially expected, but if you keep a positive attitude, it shouldn't be too difficult.

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The Student Loan Market Is A Growing Component Of The U.s....

The student loan market is a growing component of the U.S. economy. Student loans are the second largest source of household debt. Assisting borrowers with the loan repayment process, like finding the right repayment plan and avoiding default, is an essential component of preventing further drag on the economy. Further, illuminating practices unfriendly to consumers and improving student loan servicing can potentially decrease the default rate and expedite the repayment process. To end these practices, we recommend that the CFPB use its authority to promulgate regulations and implement new student loan servicing protections for borrowers in the following ways: 1. Require student loan servicers to do their part to counsel borrowers about their repayment options using consistent, industry-wide policies 2. Require servicers to send emails to borrowers recapping each interaction or transaction 3. Require student loan servicers to follow borrowers’ payment instructions 4. Issue guidance for student loan servicers to follow when performing account transfers Many borrowers try their best to repay their student loans but encounter unfair policies designed to extend their repayment periods. In April, we conducted an online survey to explore the â€Å"borrower experience† during repayment. We learned that borrowers are doing all or the right things: they borrowed money to get an education necessary to open doors to opportunities. When they entered repayment, however, the frustration,Show MoreRelatedThe Duration Of Unemployment As Provided By The Bureau Of Labor Statistics1704 Words   |  7 Pagessignificantly to 33.7 (BLS 2015). The average hours in 2006 before the Great Recession were also around 34.5 hours, so I would say the labor market has done a good job recovering from the recession (BLS 2015). Even two years ago it seems that we had not fully recovered, when the average weekly hours worked hovered around 34.4 (BLS 2015). Interest Rate Prime Rate The current U.S. prime rate is 3.25%. One of the most commonly used estimates of the prime rate is the Wall Street Journal prime rate. Many organizationsRead MoreMau Lo Business Expansion1569 Words   |  7 Pagestarget more established businesses. Younger entrepreneurs find it extremely difficult to find the kind of support to truly launch a viable business concept. Mau Loa, LLC Mau Loa, LLC needs to raise business capital to expand its brand into other markets. For expansion efforts to be successful, Mau Loa needs funding totaling $10,000+. I am an eighteen year old, without established credit, running a business that is grossing under a $2,500 in revenue. I need to secure traditional or non-traditionalRead MoreAmericas Changing Fringe Economy2058 Words   |  9 PagesPart I: Chapter 1: America’s Changing Fringe Economy In Chapter 1 it goes into depth with a multiple definitions of the fringe economy and how profitable the fringe economy is. This chapter also provides information pertaining the involvement of mainstream financial institutions that would have been guessed. It talks about how 22,000 payday lenders extended more than $25 billion in short-term loans to millions of struggling households in 2004. Also it went over how 11,000 check-cashing stores aloneRead MoreBaby Boomers And Baby Boomers1257 Words   |  6 Pagesin society and culture between when the baby boomers were born (1946-1964) and when the millennials were born (1981-1996). There are many factors that have influenced and molded each of these two generations such as technology, trends, debt and economy. Who exactly are millennials and baby boomers? What I know emphatically is that they both have strong opinions of one another. The Baby Boomers were promised the American Dream; they worked hard and are perceived as greedy and ambitious. Baby BoomersRead MoreTime Value Of Money Essay1875 Words   |  8 Pagesinvested and earn interest as the year elapses. Implicit in any consideration of time value of money are the rate of interest and the period of compounding. This paper will list various financial applications of the time value of money and explain the components of the discount/interest rate. Time Value of Money The present value of a certain amount of money is greater than the present value of the right to receive the same amount of money in the future. Stanley Block and Geoffrey (2005), state a fewRead MoreInternational Marketing Ch 1 Essay1693 Words   |  7 Pagesthe U.S. firms be explained? Increased interest has been brought about because of changing competitive structures, coupled with shifts in demand characteristics throughout the world. The U.S. market has reached saturation levels for many products, and increasing numbers of firms are faced with surpluses which must be sold. Also, many firms find that return on investment may be higher in foreign markets than in domestic markets. Finally, more and more firms realize that tomorrow’s markets willRead MoreCurrency War Between China and Usa and Its Global Impacts on Economy8892 Words   |  36 PagesCurrency war between China and USA and its global impacts on economy. Currency War: Currency war, also known as competitive devaluation, is a condition in international affairs where countries compete against each other to achieve a relatively low exchange rate for their own currency. As the price to buy a particular currency falls so too does the real price of exports from the country. Imports become more expensive too, so domestic industry, and thus employment, receives a boost in demandRead MoreThe Apollo Group (University of Phoenix) Case Study #45 Essay2627 Words   |  11 Pages45 in several sections. The components of this paper are five-fold: †¢ To plan strategically for domestic and global environments †¢ Create organizational value †¢ Employ high-performing business management techniques †¢ Solve problems within professional standards †¢ Use appropriate financial models and principles to support The University of Phoenix has emerged as one of the largest colleges of adult higher education learning. It continues to expand its market, often reaching areas thatRead MoreThailand Economic Analysis Essay6406 Words   |  26 PagesI. INTRODUCTION Thailands economy is defined by more than a decade of continuous and rapid economic growth starting in 1985, followed by a brutal recession that started near the end of 1997. During the boom years, economic growth averaged more than 7 percent annually, one of the highest rates in the world. Many different factors added to the rapid growth of Thailands economy; low wages, policy reforms that opened the economy more to trade, and careful economic management resulted in low inflationRead MoreE-Trade Marketing Plan3050 Words   |  12 Pagesand Money Market, and despite the banking services that E-trade offers for its customers, the company has not yet offered banking service to all categories of people in the United States. E-trade banking service only focuses on adult population in the United States, and the company has not yet introduced a banking service to students in the United States. To assist E-Trade bank to enjoy the full benefits of the banking system, the study suggests that E-trade bank should implement the student banking

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The Rubber Industry Affecting La Crosse - 1168 Words

Description: The boots belongs to my dad who bought them when the Mill was still in La Crosse. Rubber boots manufactured by the old La Crosse Rubber Mill allows us to learn about the behavior of Wisconsinites in the pass and how its affect La Crosse locally and statewide. The Rubber Industry Shaping La Crosse The La Crosse rubber mills were founded in 1897 on the north side of La Crosse called Indian Hill at the time. The decision to set headquarters in La Crosse was not a random act by the owners at all; in fact the location of La Crosse had many advantages that helped the Rubber Mills become one of most successful industries in the area. The multiple transportation options like railroads and the river were a big factor. During this time period many rubber mills were located in the eastern states. The La Crosse location was strategically selected to be in the Midwest, which allowed them to market their products to western states due to the fact they were the most westerly rubber mill at the time, yet still close enough for eastern states as well. The La Crosse Rubber Mill’s played a big part in creating La Crosse as it is today with its success and influence. In just a short period of time the mill had become one of La Crosse’s biggest employers, peaking at sales of $108.3 million in 1994. Having a successful company reside in your town meant more opportunity for your town to grow from the increasing population. Today we can still see the where the factories onceShow MoreRelatedCountry Risk Analysis of Nigeria8877 Words   |  36 PagesInflation: 5.5%. Unemployment: 4.9%. Arable land: 33%. Agriculture: cocoa, peanuts, palm oil, corn, rice, sorghum, millet, cassava (tapioca), yams, rubber; cattle, sheep, goats, pigs; timber; fish. Labor force: 50.13 million; agriculture 70%, industry 10%, services 20% (1999 est.). Industries: crude oil, coal, tin, columbite; palm oil, peanuts, cotton, rubber, wood; hides and skins, textiles, cement and other construction materials, food products, footwear, chemicals, fertilizer, printing, ceramics, steelRead MoreLgbt19540 Words   |  79 Pages(STRAP, last photo above): â€Å"People should be aware that there’s beauty and strength in the community should they only heed the voice of the transgenders, should th ey only open their eyes.† â€Å"In all continents of the world, transpeople have their own crosses to bear in terms of state and non-state actors restricting their freedoms and impacting the quality of their lives as human beings and citizens of their countries,† Fontanos said. And as stressed by Rica Paras, STRAP president, â€Å"transgenders globallyRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pagesorganizations— is the key determinant of organizational success. These studies have been conducted across numerous industry sectors, international settings, and organization types. The research findings now make it almost unquestionable that if organizations want to succeed, they must have competent, skillful managers. For example, in one study of 968 firms, representing all major industries in the United States, organizations whose managers effectively managed their people—that is, they implemented effectiveRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesUniversity Jodi Goodman, University of Connecticut Claude Graeff, Illinois State University Richard Grover, University of Southern Maine W. Lee Grubb III, East Carolina Universit y John Guarino, Averett University Rebecca Guidice, University of Nevada at Las Vegas Andra Gumbus, Sacred Heart University Linda Hackleman, Concordia University Austin Deniz Hackner, Tidewater Community College Michael Hadani, Long Island University Jonathon Halbesleben, University of Missouri-Columbia Dan Hallock, University

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Evaluate the effectiveness of approaches to teaching and...

Evaluate the effectiveness of approaches to teaching and learning strategies in your subject area in meeting the needs of learners. Your response should include an examination of how these could be improved or enhanced and how college management could be involved in making such improvements / enhancements? For my class it is vital to identify the most appropriate level of the course for the learner. Also, the students should know what exceptions and the regulations they need to follow. For that the college could train staff to present the high quality initial assessment and induction to ensure the management of the class is of high standard. I need to make sure students with different learning styles; visual, aural,†¦show more content†¦I make sure the learners received high quality induction information about the inclusive strategies and I will discuss with college about the reasonable adjustments that should be made for the disabled students within my class, at College or while they are on school trip; for example for their health and safety arrangements in a work placement. If any support teachers or guest lecturers are delivering my scientific sessions I willShow MoreRelatedDtlls - Teaching in a Specialist Subject2476 Words   |  10 PagesDanielle Watts 24 February 2012 Teaching in a Specialist Subject * Summarise key aims of education and training within your own specialist area. * Review and discuss the key philosophical issues associated with these. * Summarise key qualifications in your specialist area, and their structure. Outline your approach to the planning and preparation of a course within your specialism and justify how this meets the aims. * Discuss how well your approach to planning and preparationRead MoreHealth Care Management13705 Words   |  55 PagesATHE Level 7 Qualifications in Healthcare Management ATHE Level 7 Award in Programme Leadership (QCF) ATHE Level 7 Award in Sustainable Business Strategy (QCF) ATHE Level 7 Certificate in Developing Organisational Vision and Strategic Direction (QCF) ATHE Level 7 Certificate in Manage Continuous Organisation Improvement (QCF) ATHE Level 7 Certificate in Research for Senior Managers (QCF) ATHE Level 7 Certificate in Healthcare Management (QCF) ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Healthcare Management (QCF) Read MoreApplication Of Theories, Principles And Models Of Reflective Practice3309 Words   |  14 Pageshave a brief overview of the target subject. Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) refers to the development of an individual in their professional work life. In essence it can be compared to a journey, with a point of origin and an end point, within which there a number paths and targets along the journey with a variety of career choices. In order to improve our own practice as a teacher, and professional in a teaching organisation working with your peers and others, it is vital toRead MoreUnit 009 Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning4591 Words   |  19 PagesAssessment No: _______________________________________________ Learner name: Kerri McCann____________________________________ Enrolment number: ____________________________ Date issued: 17/09/2012___________________________________ Date submitted: 12/11/2012____________________________________ I confirm that the evidence for this unit is authentic and a true representation of my own work. Learner signature: _________________________ Date: Feedback: ContinueRead Moreptlls assignment Essay7948 Words   |  32 Pagesto teach in the lifelong learning sector) - PTLLS The following are headings for broad areas students will have to research to show evidence of competence in PTLLS. GROUP A: Roles and responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning GROUP B 1: Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning GROUP B 2: Using inclusive learning and teaching approaches in lifelong learning GROUP D: Principle of assessment in lifelong learning Each group (Group ARead MoreInclusive Teaching Learning 2 Essay examples12114 Words   |  49 PagesC Inclusive teaching and learning Introduction Organisations working within the learning and skills sector face increasing challenges as the UK becomes more diverse and multicultural. Differences are an asset and a diverse learner body and workforce enrich an organisation. However, misunderstandings, negative attitudes, or a lack of awareness, understanding and effective communication can all lead to segregation and underachievement.    The aim of this CPD builder is to raise awareness of the inclusionRead MoreUnderstanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning2174 Words   |  9 PagesUnderstanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning 1. Evaluate a range of learning and teaching strategies in lifelong learning. Within your answer you must cover the following giving examples: * An analysis of a range of learning and teaching strategies (minimum of 3) used in own specialism * An evaluation of the effectiveness of learning and teaching approaches in own specialist area in meeting needs of learners * An evaluation of inclusive learning There are differentRead MoreATHE Level 6 Management Specification2 Essay12420 Words   |  50 Pages About ATHE We are an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation that specialises in management qualifications. Our QCF qualifications are designed in such a way that the course delivery can be as flexible and learner driven as the centre chooses, allowing centres to target learners with different profiles. We are a small and dedicated awarding organisation that is committed to the highest standards of service and support for centres 1 Contents 0 AboutRead MoreEMPLOYABILITY SKILL 24901 Words   |  20 PagesSkills Module type: Optional Module Code: L/601/0992 Module Credit: 15 Teaching Period: (15+6 weeks) Level: 4 (QCF) Contact Hours: (15*3) + (6*3) = 63 Lecturers: 15 weeks Revision Clinic: 3 week Feedback and assignment guidance: 3 weeks Lecturer: Mr Olajumoke Taiwo Start date: February 2015 Day: Wednesdays and Fridays Time: 06.00p-9.00pm Term: CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 2. MODULE OUTLINE AND TEACHING METHODS 3. READING AND COURSE PREPRATION 4. LECTURE WITH DETAILED COURSERead MoreLEVEL 4 PTLLS ASSIGNMENT2892 Words   |  12 Pagesï » ¿Nand Kishore Bissoo 19 September 2014 Level 4 PTLLS Assignment Unit 008 Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning: 1.1 The relevant legislations for teachers are Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.This act aims at protecting people against risks to health and safety in connection with their activities at work. The Race Relations Act 1976.This act prohibits discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality

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Financial Plan Preparation

Question: Describe about the financial plan preparation. Answer: Recommendation of asset allocation Client 1: Darren Balanced fund 70% growth Asset Asset allocation Recommendation Variances cash 5 % 6 % 1 % fixed interest 15 % 34 % 1 9% equity 10 % 13 % 3 % property 10 % 13 % 3 % Superannuation 10 % 4 % - 6 % - Medi Super 20 % 10 % - 10 % - Market Super 10 % 10 % 0 - Casual Super Plus 10% 10% 0 - Informer Super 10% 0% - 10% Total 100% 100% 0% Balanced FundClient 2: Danielle Gearing portfolio 35 % defensive or less volatile Asset Asset allocation Recommendation Variances cash 2.0 % 1.0 % -1 % fixed interest 8.0 % 6.0 % - 2 % equity 13.0 % 18.0 % - 5 % property 10 % 7.0 % - 3 % Superannuation 32.0 % 36.0 % 4 % - Medi Super 5.0 % 7.0 % 2 % - Market Super 10 % 5.0 % 5 % - Casual Super Plus 10 10 0 - Informer Super 10 10 0 Total 100% 100% 0% Gearing PortfolioKey Assumptions Prior to the development of the plan for achieving your objective, we have assured some assumptions that have to be conducted in depth analysis. All these are as follows: The salary of both of yours will rise by implementation of AWOTE (3.5% p.a.); All the general living expenses will be increased by implementation of CPI (2.6% p.a.); The intended retirement age is 60 years for Darren but there is no retirement age for Danielle as she is self-employed; No withdrawal fees from ABC bank; Superannuation earnings tax is 15%; For trauma analysis, medical has been done by Darren for $ 1,00,000 Return Assumptions Investment mix Typical characteristics Cash: deposition of 100% cash in the deposit-taking organizations of the country Australia. Investment amount: $ 150,000 After 5 years, the expected value: $ 135,000 Anticipated return: 6 % Volatility %: (Low) Expected amount of beating: 0 years out of 30 years Conventional: Among the total balance, 20 % of the balance will be provided in form of property and shares () and the remaining will be provided in the form of fixed interest or cash (). Investment amount: $ 150,000 After 5 years, the expected value: $ 147,000 Anticipated return: 7.5 % Volatility %: (Low) Expected amount of beating: 0 years out of 30 years Balanced amount: 70 % of the total balance will be provided in form of property and shares () and the remaining will be provided in the form of fixed interest and/ or cash (). Investment amount: $ 150,000 After 5 years, the expected value: $ 154,000 Anticipated return: 8.5 % Volatility %: (Medium) Expected amount of beating: 4 years out of 20 years Growth amount: 30 % of the total balance is provided in terms of property and shares () and the remaining will be in form of fixed interest and/ or cash (). Investment: $ 150,000 Expected value after 5 years: $ 147,000 Anticipated return: 9 % Volatility %: (High) Expected amount of beating: 4 - 5 years out of 20 years Insurance Need Analysis In discussion with you, we have explored that you mainly put importance regarding securing your childrens future. Therefore, Danielle has made superannuation funds for better future of her children. Under this situation, the insurance cover that suits both of you best is as follows. Before making this insurance we have studied both your present as well as future financial commitments. TPD Insurance/ Life Insurance: For Darren: Particulars Amount Total amount debt required to be paid off $ 887,500.00 Present Mortgage value: $ 387,500.00 Present Loans Amount (e.g. Credit Cards, Personal): $ 500,000.00 One-off costs (e.g. Higher education of children): $ 0.00 Amount of total assets and savings you have $ 1,275,000.00 Present Savings (Total): $ 0.00 Current Assets Values: $ 1075,000.00 Present balance of Superannuation: $ 200,000.00 current income of Yours Your Present Age: 53 Yearly Income (after tax) needed to coat living expenses: $ 90,000.00 No. of years, this income is needed to carry on: 16 Optional: Adjustment of the assumptions if needed Rate of inflation: 2.50% Rate of investment: 3.80% Summarization Life time: $ 942,559.90 Total Repayments of debt $ 887,500.00 Total money required for spending $ 1,330,059.90 - Savings and assets $ 1,275,000.00 For Danielle: Particulars Amount Total amount debt required to be paid off $ 387,500.00 Present Mortgage value: $ 387,500.00 Present Loans Amount (e.g. Credit Cards, Personal): $ 0.00 One-off costs (e.g. Higher education of children): $ 0.00 Amount of total assets and savings you have $ 925,000.00 Present Savings (Total): $ 0.00 Current Assets Values: $ 550,000.00 Present balance of Superannuation: $ 375,000.00 current income of Yours Your Present Age: 47 Yearly Income (after tax) needed to coat living expenses: $ 60,000.00 No. of years, this income is needed to carry on: 16 Optional: Adjustment of the assumptions if needed Rate of inflation: 2.50% Rate of investment: 3.80% Summarization Life time: $ 892,559.90 Total Repayments of debt $ 387,500.00 Total money required for spending $ 1,230,059.90 - Savings and assets $ 925,000.00 Recommendations Recommendation of investment Best investment method In the discussion session, you highlighted that when your both the children will be 18 years old and will start going to university, each of them should get an amount of $50,000 for their further studies. Therefore, we have wished-for investment in both a long run and short run strategy of investment. These strategies will surely help you to meet up your aims. Short run strategy of investment As per our analysis, we can recommend you to invest in the short run strategy of investment that is to put money in the cash investments. The short run investment especially the cash investment will help you to access to the saved money as per your need. Since, you have total earnings of $160000 as remaining portfolio balance; we advise you to invest an amount of $ 100,000 as a cash investment. Long run strategy of investment We have prepared your long run strategy for investment depending upon your objective to develop funds for the period of retirement. We advice you that the gearing portfolio should be 35 %. The long run investment will be broadened across property, shares, cash and fixed interest. The allocation of the assets will mainly highlight on the growth of the investments, along with 35% of your total money allocated property and shares. Your portfolio is apt to move into value both up and down over the short-run, nevertheless we expect to complete stronger returns from medium to long term. Thus, we recommend you to invest money of an amount of $ 100000 in this gearing portfolio that is in 35 % growth fund. Simultaneously, we also recommend you to invest $ 35,000 in the balance fund. Short Run Investment Investment Owner Final balance Regular Investments / withdrawals ($) p.a. Reinvest income Cash Darren and Danielle $ 200,000 - Yes Sum $ 200,000 Long Run investment Investment Owner Final balance Regular Investments / withdrawals ($) pa Reinvest income Gearing portfolio 35 % growth fund Darren and Danielle $ 200000 - Yes Balanced amount Danielle $ 45,000 - Yes Sum $ 155,000